About Us

Our Mission

To support, educate and empower individuals diagnosed with ADHD or who are autistic, their families and the community. Through raising awareness we change perceptions and break down barriers.

Our Aims


CAAS provides support and understanding in a safe and non-judgemental environment. As well as having relevant qualifications, the personal experience of staff along with empathy and understanding, allows our clients to feel a sense of belonging when they access the centre. We provide a comprehensive service that acknowledges that clients need support pre- and post- diagnosis. We believe in early support rather than crisis management and our holistic approach encompasses the whole family.


Understanding and increased awareness comes through education. CAAS offers specialist training using qualified staff, in-house courses, specialised workshops, conferences and a comprehensive lending library. Education can change perceptions, leading to reduced anger, mental health issues and social isolation. Education arms people with the tools they need to become stronger individuals, better parents and better professionals.


Feeling empowered can break down barriers and encourage positivity about the future. Through support and education we empower our clients to be more confident and independent, enabling them to reach their full potential. Our 'Empowering Ourselves to Be Heard' training project provides the opportunity for ADHD/autistic voices to be heard within their community, further raising awareness and shaping services for a better future.

Who we are

From working in the field for 25 years, personal experience of staff, and through talking and listening to ADHD/autistic people, we have an in-depth understanding of the needs of our clients and how to support them. 50% of our Trustee Board are family members of ADHD/autistic individuals. 66% of our Senior Leadership Team, and 70% of our staff team, are parents/partners of ADHD/autistic individuals or neurodivergent themselves.

What we do

We provide information, training, support groups and practical help to residents of North-West London. Our support services encompass education, benefits, parenting and care advice with signposting to other agencies if appropriate. We also offer specialised parenting courses, workshops and training. Should you live outside of these areas and need support, please see the ADHD Foundation for advice on ADHD and the National Autistic Society for information on autism.

Our History

ADHD Support Harrow was founded in 1996 by a small group of parents at the suggestion of a local CAMHS consultant. In 2000 the group became a registered charity and in 2002 moved to premises and began delivering services to meet increasing demand from parents of children with ADHD. We widened our objectives in 2010 and took over the support work of the former Harrow branch of the National Autistic Society to become ADHD & Autism Support Harrow, now Centre for ADHD & Autism Support. The aim of the merged charity is to allow ADHD/Autistic individuals and their parents/carers to benefit from the significant overlaps in need between the two conditions by bringing a range of knowledge and experience under one umbrella.

Our Values

Integrity: CAAS is committed to the practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to our mission.

Valuing Difference: what is normal? CAAS recognise and value that differences can be valuable assets in the workplace, and in our communities.

Passion: we are committed to the work of CAAS in continuously improving outcomes for ADHD/autistic people and to creating inclusive communities where ADHD/autistic people can thrive.

Collaboration: we work with ADHD/autistic people to amplify their voices. We never aim to speak for them. We work with each other, with our funders and with our community, as more than the sum of our parts, to best support the delivery of our mission.

Trust and Respect: CAAS staff are privileged to be trusted to amplify the voice of ADHD/autistic people, and will always treat clients, and each other, with the utmost respect.

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