Charlotte Crumpler


Charlotte Crumpler

Marketing and Communications Lead

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I’m the Marketing and Communications Lead. My two biggest passions are creativity and neurodiversity, so I feel very lucky to be a part of the CAAS team.

My background is in marketing, design and public engagement in the charity sector. Before joining CAAS, I worked and volunteered with several charities and public sector organisations in a marketing and public engagement capacity. I have a Master’s degree in Marketing, Communications and Public Relations, which I somehow managed to finish without ever reading a book and struggling with motivation, organisation and time management. A few years later, my struggles made sense when I was finally diagnosed with ADHD at age 26. Since then, it’s become my personal mission to support the neurodivergent community and help raise awareness of neurodiversity.

In my spare time, if I’m not painting, sewing or singing along to musicals, then I’m probably on the beach listening to an audiobook about psychology. I’m currently studying for a Level 2 in Counselling Skills, and I’m hoping to doodle my way to ADHD acceptance through my Instagram page @SpaghettiBrainedADHD.