Our Values


CAAS has grown hugely since our first coffee support drop-in service was begun over 25 years ago, yet we are still as passionate about supporting neurodivergent people and their families to thrive as we were back then, and determined to continue our work to grow acceptance and understanding.   Our latest strategy is focussed on 4 key areas: delivering quality services, integrating equity principles into all our practice, using technology to better deliver our services, and ensuring CAAS is widely recognised.  Click the buttons below to find out more about what we have planned.

Annual Report & Accounts

Our Trustee Annual Report and Accounts will give you a good insight into our financial results, and provide you with summary information on the challenges and successes we’ve faced each year, and what our key risks are, and how they are mitigated.  

Safeguarding Policies

Having a culture of respect, care and compassion is at the core of all we do, and that involves having extremely robust policies in place to ensure our clients, their families and our staff and volunteers are effectively safeguarded.  We have strict guidelines in place about the clients we are able to support, and strong procedures to follow should any risk arise.  

Additional Policies

We are open and transparent about the key policies that apply to our clients, their families and the wider community. Let us know if there are any other policies you would like to see.

Your Opinion Matters

We try our best to get things right, but if we make a mistake, we want to know about it so that we can do better.  Please reach out if you have any concerns about an incident at CAAS, and rest assured we will take it seriously.

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