NW London Professionals Training

A training webinar for professionals in NW London who work with autistic adults without a co-occurring Learning Disability. Funded by NHS NW London, this webinar is aimed at professionals who work with autistic adults without a co-occurring learning disability to better understand their needs, improve your engagement and learn how to make your services more […]

COVID – Hospital Passport

A new temporary Hospital Passport updated to include the Human Rights Act during the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to encourage all individuals with learning disabilities or their carers to complete this hospital Passport. It should be conveyed to the hospital with them. Traditionally a hospital passport has been used to support people with learning disabilities […]

SEN & Coronavirus Website

As many people, both professionally and personally will already be aware there is a significant impact on children and young people with SEN because of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic. Keep up to date with the latest changes at https://www.sen-covid-19.co.uk