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What is it about?

The aim of this webinar is to explore the aspects that make up ADHD differences.

Who is it for?

Any health, social care or criminal justice staff working with ADHD people, and commissioners responsible for planning mainstream and specialist health and social care services.

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✨ Ignite your professional growth and master your skills with our “Understanding ADHD” training session! ✨

Are you in NWL and frequently engage with ADHD adults? If so, you cannot afford to miss this!
In just 2 hours, you’ll delve into the world of ADHD, understanding its diverse aspects. Our dynamic session incorporates the most current language used and the latest thinking about ADHD, boosting your knowledge, communication skills and rapport building, offering practical strategies and deep insights.
⭐Embrace a new perspective. Upgrade your knowledge. Connect more effectively.⭐
Join us for the “Understanding ADHD” training session. Transform your interactions and illuminate your professional journey. Sign up today!

🗨️ Because true understanding brings people closer. 💬

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