Farheen Dhalabhoy

Farheen Dhalabhoy

Finance and Monitoring Assistant

I am the Finance and Monitoring Assistant at CAAS, having joined in July 2021. I assist Rebecca with all the financials and monitoring at the company.

After having gotten my first degree followed by my master’s degree in Marketing and Finance, I had worked with different independent companies and had been with the NHS for the last 9 years prior to joining CAAS.

I love being part of the lovely and friendly team here, supporting them with the great work that they are doing with helping individuals of all ages.

I have 3 children, so apart from my role here, I am a busy mom, forever taxi-ing the children around for their activities, which I quite like doing. We enjoy family time on the weekends, spending time together, and meeting family and friends.

If you ever see me at the Centre, please feel free to say ‘Hi!’. I have my head buried in spreadsheets most of the time so I would love to take a break to meet some new people and say hello!