Helen Fleetwood

Helen Fleetwood, Autistic Adult's Services Lead

Helen Fleetwood

Adult Services Manager

I’ve been involved in the services for Autism in Harrow since 2005 when I joined the former National Autistic Society’s Harrow Branch (NASH) and became the Branch Officer in 2006 after my own child’s diagnosis of Autism in 2003. I knew I wanted to become involved in improving the services, not just for my child, but for all autistic folk.

Over the years I have maintained a number of roles within the organisation before, during and after the amalgamation of charities between NASH and ADHD Support Harrow.

For the last decade, I have been a committed trustee while maintaining my caring responsibilities and developing my training skills to deliver some of the courses and training for CAAS until I was able to accept a full-time role within the organisation to provide the Autistic Adult Services which I now manage.

I now spend my time working with the autistic adults that attend CAAS for support via a variety of means and mediums. I facilitate monthly social and therapeutic groups, hold weekly one to one sessions, develop new programs of support and role them out and have a particular love for the gaming group that I have been desperate to get started for over 10 years.

I particularly enjoy delivering training to Schools, Parents, Professionals and Employers to Understand Autism and broaden their knowledge.

Part of my role is to sit on Boards and Panels at local levels to support the autistic communities voice at the decision making stages and to ensure the boards and panels are keeping abreast of current understanding locally and nationally.